Nintendo Switch Online Update Surprises With Super Mario Kart SP

Super Mario Kart Image

Super Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online has been updated with four new games this week in Caveman Ninja (also known as Joe & Mac), Magical Drop 2, Spanky’s Quest and Super Baseball Simulator 1.000. But, as with other updates, Nintendo has thrown in an extra surprise.

That has seen them add Super Mario Kart SP, which unlocks all cups, courses and the 150cc level straight away.

The pricing plans for Nintendo Switch Online are £3.49 ($3.99) per month, £6.99 ($7.99) for three months or £17.99 ($19.99) for 12 months.

There is a 12 month Family Membership for £31.49 ($34.99) that allows a Nintendo Account holder to “invite up to seven others to join a family group” that will all have access to Nintendo Switch Online.

Super Mario Kart SP Description:

Take a trip down Rainbow Road at 150cc speeds! In this special version, all cups and all courses are playable. You can also choose to race at the 150cc level. It’s a full-service pit stop offering every single track – and it’s buffet-style! You can start your engines wherever feels right and enjoy each course as much or as little as you want.

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  1. Thank you. I was wondering what the SP was for.

    Has anyone tried Spanky’s Quest? I don’t wanna be mean, but unless I’m not understanding its charm, it was atrocious.

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