Nintendo Switch Online Now Has Over 32 Million Subscribers

Nintendo Switch Online Logo

Nintendo has revealed that Nintendo Switch Online now has more than 32 million subscribers.

That means that, given that more than 92.87 million Nintendo Switch consoles have been sold worldwide, we can calculate that approximately 34 percent of owners have subscribed to the paid membership service.

“The number of members who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online, a service for Nintendo Switch users, is increasing along with the growth of the hardware install base. It has reached more than 32 million accounts as of September 2021,” ” Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa explained at the company’s recent Corporate Management Policy Briefing.

“By enhancing services, we have increased the opportunities for members to continue playing Nintendo Switch. These enhancements include Game Trial events, which allow users to play a specific title during a specific time period and the addition of member-exclusive games.

“Last month, we released Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, a new membership plan that adds content to the existing service. Going forward, we will continue to improve and expand both Nintendo Switch Online and Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, striving to provide services that satisfy consumers.”

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