Nintendo Switch Exclusive Action-RPG Dragon: Marked For Death Charges In

dragon marked for death screenshot

Inti Creates has announced Dragon: Marked For Death as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, a side-scrolling action RPG that will send players on a perilous quest as the Dragonkin.

These characters have forged a pact with dragons that sees them become granted special powers. There are four Dragonkin to play as: The Princess, a well-balanced DPS character; the Warrior, that acts as a Tank class character to protect the party with his high defence; the Shinobi, a DPS that places emphasis on movement to pull off tricky attacks; and the Witch, who can use magic to heal her allies and damage her enemies.

With the chance to go it alone or team up with three other friends in either local or online multiplayer, that means that everyone will have a role to play as you set out on 30 enormous quests that will see you battle across an immersive dark fantasy world – toppling gargantuan bosses in the process.

Dragon: Marked For Death will release exclusively for Nintendo Switch in Winter 2017.







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