Nintendo “still scaling up” amiibo manufacturing process to meet demand


After sharing that they had begun to double, or even triple, amiibo production estimates, Nintendo of America’s Reggie Fils-Aime has touched on how they have had to “scale up.”

Indicating that the manufacturing process “takes some time” to complete, interest swirling around Nintendo’s NFC figures has seen demand outpace supply. With the US, Canada and Latin America being attributed to two-thirds of the 10.5 million amiibo that have been sold globally, the company are still trying to “meet that demand.”

“We are producing amiibo as quickly as we can and getting them out into the marketplace as quickly as we can,” Fils-Aime explained to The Wall Street Journal.

“With the most recent wave, over about a 30-day period, we sold just in the U.S. over a million amiibo. Through the end of March, we’ve sold 10.5 million amiibo globally, more than two-thirds in Canada, the U.S. and Latin America.”

He continued, “There’s a huge amount of demand and that demand is even more concentrated in the Americas. It is a manufacturing process that takes some time and we had to scale up our supply chain, and it’s still scaling up to try and meet that demand.”

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