Nintendo share advice on how to win in Splatoon’s online multiplayer


Splatoon‘s colourful ink splatter is now only a mere month away, with the game’s producer Hisashi Nogami having sat down to discuss the fast-paced third-person shooter.

While discussing the Wii U exclusive’s concept, influences, central plaza and target audience with USGamer, Nogami was also asked whether he could provide any advice about how to win in online multiplayer.

Admitting that he wasn’t the most skilled player, he advocated that you should always consider how best to contribute to your team – which, in Turf Wars, you’re recommended to stay alive and cover the most ground with ink.

“There are a lot of players that are more skilled than I am, so I feel a bit sheepish about answering this myself, but my advice to players starting out is because the goal of Turf Wars is the team that covers the most ground with ink wins – so stay alive and continue to cover the ground effectively with ink,” Nogami explained. “That should be your main goal in Turf Wars.”

He continued, “But of course in going about your business you’re going to run into other players and so you do need to develop enough skill that you can fight back against them and spray them down so that you don’t just immediately get taken down whenever you run into someone.

“One good way to think about it would be ‘what can I do, how can I act in a way that would best contribute to my team,’ and to keep that in your mind constantly while you play. For example, if you notice someone is focused on taking out other players, you can sneak behind them and cover their territory with ink, and that’ll be a more effective way to play.”

Splatoon will release exclusively for Wii U worldwide on May 29th.

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