Nintendo report £42.9 million profit in First-Quarter Financial Results


Nintendo has today reported their financial results for the first quarter of their fiscal year, seeing the company remain in profit compared to making a loss in the same quarter in the previous year.

The company made a 9.9 billion yen loss (£51.2 million) in the same quarter last year, but has managed to turn things around to make 8.3 billion net profit (£42.9 million) this fiscal year. Earned revenue sits at 90.2 billion yen (£466.4 million), which rose by 21 percent in comparison to last year.

With more than 470,000 Wii U systems sold, Nintendo’s home console still hasn’t electrified consumer desire as Wii once did but has now surpassed 10 million unit sales. Nintendo attributed Splatoon‘s success to “vitalising the Wii U platform,” with the ink-based shooter having sold 1.62 million units since the game’s May launch.

But Wii U hardware sales were down year-on-year, an increased sales performance in Japan being negated by declining interest in North America and other territories throughout the quarter. Wii U software itself saw 4.55 million copies sold, with Splatoon accounting for a healthy chunk of that.

Meanwhile Nintendo 3DS hardware sales rose year-on-year, lifted from 820,000 in the same quarter in the past year to 1.01 million. That was spurred by New Nintendo 3DS hardware sales, whereas software sales saw a decline – falling from 8.57 million down to 7.92 million copies.

Nintendo described amiibo sales as “favourable,” although wouldn’t share how many have been sold since announcing that they had crossed 10.5 million unit sales by May.

Nintendo will now look to continue to maintain their profitability with Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes, Super Mario Maker, Star Fox Zero and Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash to close out 2015.

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