Nintendo release debut trailer for Pandora’s Tower


News regarding Pandora’s Tower has been particularly dry since it was revealed back in January, yet this week has seen Nintendo release the debut trailer, with Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu serving up the first details.

Pandora’s Tower is centred on two characters – Ende and his friend Ceres – with the game being set on the Graecia continent, where the harvest festival has begun in the kingdom of Elysium. Ceres finds that she has been chosen to sing at the event, but as she steps onto the podium a number of beasts appear in the area.

As confusion ensues, Ende manages to find Ceres but she’s unconscious and about to be taken into custody by the army as an eye witness to the appearance of the beasts. However, a merchant named Graiai assists the duo in being able to escape to an isolated tower.

Unfortunately Ceres ends up being cursed from the beast attack, and Ende learns that to rid her of it he must gather the flesh of the beasts that inhabit the tower. It’s a particularly dark, mature title from Nintendo, especially in contrast to their usual colourful affair with their core IP.

Pandora’s Tower is due to release for Wii across Japan on May 26th, and you can catch the debut trailer below:

[Thanks, Andriasang]
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