Nintendo’s Quality of Life Initiative Still In Development


News surrounding Nintendo’s Quality of Life initiative has fallen silent, the first theme of which has sought to help visualise sleep and fatigue.

The initiative was seen by late Nintendo president Satoru Iwata as a way that the company can “redefine” public perception of what they can achieve, with the first phase expected to launch next year.

New Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima has assured that is still the case, confirming that it “is still under development” and that announcements will be made down the line.

“Mr. Iwata had, when he previously talked about the quality of life initiative, I believe he had talked about it being related to sleep and fatigue,” Kimishima explained to TIME. “And the only information I really have now is to say that the quality of life initiative is still under development, and I have no further information to share. It’s just not at the point in development where I feel I can make any announcements at this time.”

Nintendo has partnered with ResMed for the business venture, working together to develop non-wearable technology that can help measure movement of your body, breathing and heartbeat.

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