Nintendo partner with Joel McHale for Viral Campaign

Joel Mchale Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo have turned to the comical talents of Joel McHale for their latest Nintendo 3DS campaign, hoping that the Community actor can help them create a viral sensation.

“It’s hard to make a commercial that people don’t realise is a commercial until it’s too late”, McHale explains during the video. “I mean, that’s like trying to convey the 3D image of the Nintendo 3DS within a lousy 2D video.”

The video is over three minutes worth of tongue-in-cheek humour that is perfectly executed, McHale hoping to rely on the usual viral ingredients that include groin kicks, sneezing pandas and bikini-clad models to promote the Nintendo 3DS.

“I’m not a sellout”, McHale later declares. “Buy Nintendo 3DS now!”

You can catch it below:

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