Nintendo of Europe open Swiss office


Nintendo of Europe have confirmed the opening of a branch office in Zurich, Switzerland.

This follows the end of their collaboration with Waldmeier AG, who had previously been responsible for the marketing and sales of Nintendo’s products throughout the country.

“Nintendo has been working very well with the company Waldmeier,” comments Laurent Fischer, managing director of marketing and PR at Nintendo of Europe.

“They have made an an excellent job in marketing and creating sales for Nintendo products in Switzerland. Nevertheless, we have decided that it is time to step up our efforts in the growing Swiss market. Therefore, it is useful to present in Switzerland with our own team.”

Waldmmeier AG’s managing director Alfred Wyss adds: “Waldmeier is one of the oldest business partners for Nintendo in Europe. We are extremely proud to have contributed over decades to the growth of the Nintendo brand in Switzerland.

“We will continue to work closely with Nintendo in the coming months to ensure a good start. We wish Nintendo and its new Swiss team, which will soon be made, every success for the future.”


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