Nintendo NX rumoured to enter mass production in Q2 2016


Nintendo has been resoundingly clear that they won’t share any information about Nintendo NX until 2016, however that hasn’t prevented rumours from swirling.

We’ve had rumblings of a summer 2016 launch, that AMD are manufacturing the processor for the “dedicated game platform,” and that software development kits have entered distribution.

Now, DigitTimes report that the console is scheduled to enter mass production in Q2 2016. Nintendo are apparently targeting to ship 20 million units in 2016 alone, but the component suppliers are expecting shipments to only reach around 10-12 million units.

Foxconn Electronics has apparently been chosen to manufacture the console, with other component suppliers to include Macronix, Pixart Imaging, Coxon Precise Industrial, Nishoku Technology, Delta Technology, Lingsen Precision Industries and Jentech.

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