Nintendo Gamer comes to an end

nintendo gamer magazine

As news emerged in August that Future Publishing would cease publication of Nintendo Gamer, it carried on life through the magazine’s website.

Yet the New Year has also brought about its untimely demise, a notable shame as the Wii U continues to find its feet within the industry.

“Sadly will be closing as of next week,” a message posted on the publication’s Facebook page read. “However, as a result, Future will be boosting CVG’s Nintendo content and we invite you to Like their page here for the very best news, previews, cheats and tips from the world of gaming.”

Having originated as Super Play magazine some twenty-odd years ago, the magazine went through a number of revisions being perhaps more recognisable to you as N64 Magazine, NGC Magazine, NGamer or its most recent rebrand, Nintendo Gamer.

N64 Magazine was, for me, my favourite magazine in my youth. My feverish anticipation for all things Nintendo meaning that I loyally pleaded for my parents to purchase a copy for me every month.

Gone, but most certainly not forgotten.

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