Nintendo Expands Into Medical Device And Computer Software Manufacture


Nintendo has notified investors about a proposed “partial amendment” to their Articles of Incorporation, which are filed to establish the existence of a company within any given country.

That would normally make for particularly tedious reading, aside from the fact that certain changes which have been made indicate as to the company’s intended direction over the coming years.

Those that most significantly raise an eyebrow are areas in which the company will engage their business, which has added “development, manufacturing and sale of medical devices and health devices” as well as “development, manufacturing and sale of computer software.”

It comes after Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima had earlier in the year shared that the first Quality of Life product – which dealt with sleep and fatigue – was not at a stage where it could be commercialised.

He had added: “However, we do believe there is potential in the QOL sector, so we will continue to consider further development in this area.”

Beyond this, other amendments see the company’s auditors and board of auditors merged to become the ‘Audit and Supervisory Committee,’ which we first heard about in this past month.

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