Nintendo eShop Update: 13th October 2016 (North America)


Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~, Disney Magical World 2, Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure, and Severed lead this week’s Nintendo eShop update for Nintendo 3DS.

Meanwhile, the Wii U Virtual Console welcomes Animal Crossing: Wild World and Kirby Canvas Curse, and the console adds Bit Dungeon+ and Mahjong.

Virtual Console (Wii U)

  • Animal Crossing: Wild World (Nintendo DS), Nintendo – $9.99
  • Get ready to start a new life in this Nintendo DS classic! Whether you want to decorate your home, catch bugs or fish, join in on special events or just chat with the locals, there’s always plenty to do. Accessorize your life with more than 600 items. Design constellations, clothes and flags, and take part in events as the seasons come and go.

  • Kirby Canvas Curse (Nintendo DS), Nintendo – $9.99
  • When Kirby gets turned into a ball by an evil witch, your hand-drawn rainbow paths become the only way he can find power-ups and reach the gates in each world. In this fun and colorful Nintendo DS action-platformer, stun enemies, destroy barriers and detonate bombs – all by using the stylus. Unlock special features by collecting medals in each stage and completing in-game tasks.

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  • Bit Dungeon+, Dolores Entertainment – $6
  • Bit Dungeon+ is a two player action roguelike endless adventure. You and your loved one were captured by demons! You have been trapped in a dungeon for a thousand years asleep… You wake up trapped in cell, grab your weapon and let the quest to find her soul begin!

  • Mahjong, Sanuk Games – $4.99
  • Play a Zen game! Rediscover the famous traditional Chinese game. Find all the matching pairs of tiles, being careful not to become blocked in, to get to the end of each level. Concentration and perceptiveness are needed to finish the gorgeous boards that we have produced for you.

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  • BlockForm, CW-Games – $4.99
  • A unique puzzle/platform game where colour affect the character’s behaviour. Collect the coins as you avoid ghosts and get through the crazy levels. There are forty amazing, unique, short levels. How quickly can you finish this game? Find it out as you play!

  • Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~, Aksys Games – $5.99
  • Chase: Cold Case Investigations ~Distant Memories~ is an adventure mystery game from the mind of Taisuke Kanasaki, director of the famed Hotel Dusk: Room 215! Join the exploits of two gritty detectives whose sense of justice and raw instinct drive them to seek the truth. Put your sleuthing skills to the challenge by re-investigating old crime scenes and solving cold cases by searching for clues and interrogating perps!

  • Disney Magical World 2, Nintendo – $39.99
  • Live your dream life in the Disney Magical World 2 game alongside fan-favorite Disney characters. Adventure with Elsa and Olaf from Disney Frozen, dance with Disney Princesses and soar with Mickey in Magical Dream parades, all the while snapping photos to share your memories. The magic is in your hands, so use your wand to solve a ghostly mystery along the way.

  • Gurumin 3D: A Monstrous Adventure, Mastiff – $14.99
  • From the legendary game developers at Nihon Falcom comes Gurumin 3D. Join Parin and her monstrous pals through a fun, colorful and fast-paced action-RPG featuring real-time combat, dazzling stereoscopic 3D graphics, 35+ hours of playtime and fully voiced characters by an all-star cast of voice actors.

  • Severed, DrinkBox Studios – $13.49
  • Take control of a one-armed warrior named Sasha who wields a living sword on her journey through a nightmare world. The Nintendo 3DS version features dual-screen options and in-game achievements. You can even buy the Nintendo 3DS version of Severed and receive a free digital version for the Wii U console (and vice versa). Severed features a special introductory price for a limited time until 20th October 2016.

    3DS HOME Menu Themes

  • Gurumin Heroes Theme
  • Gurumin Monster Bundle
  • Gurumin Monster Pals Theme
  • Gurumin Night Parade Theme
  • Gurumin Orange Twist Theme
  • Gurumin Party Time Theme
  • Sonic Bundle #3
  • Sonic series: Cute Style
  • Sonic series: Shadow Style
  • Sonic series: Silver Style

  • Total
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