Nintendo eShop Releases This Week: 11th June 2020 (North America)

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This week’s Nintendo eShop releases for North America are in, delivering new games for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS as well as plenty of discounts across all platforms.

Nintendo eShop Sales

Check out the wide variety of games available to keep you entertained this summer with the Nintendo eShop Summer Game Sale! For a limited time, save up to 50% on select digital games for the Nintendo Switch system. You can see the full list of deals available this week on Nintendo of America’s website.

Nintendo Switch Games

  • Across the Grooves, Nova-box (available Wednesday 17th June): Across the Grooves is an interactive graphic novel, set in a magical realism universe, where your decisions affect the destiny of Alice, the main character, drastically changing her reality and allowing her to explore alternative destinies by modifying her past.
  • Ancestors Legacy, Destructive Creations: Ancestors Legacy is a history-inspired real-time strategy game influenced by historical events in the Middle Ages. The game combines resource management and base building with large-scale, squad-based battles across vast battlefields.
  • Animal Pairs: Matching & Concentration Game for Toddlers & Kids, winterworks: Find matching pairs in this popular card game. Play alone or with up to four players. Customize the playfield from 2×2 to up to 8×8 cards. Suitable for all ages.
  • Arcade Archives Naughty Boy, Hamster Corporation: Naughty Boy is an action game released by JALECO in 1982. Travel across forests, through barbed wire fences, and over rivers to purge the castle of monsters with fire! The stone-throwing action takes some getting used it, but once you experience the satisfaction of striking an enemy, you’ll be hooked on it.
  • Coast Guard: Beach Rescue Team, BoomBit Games: Become a member of a coast guard squad and explore beautiful beaches, helping people in need! Coast Guard: Beach Rescue Team is an exciting driving game that will let you drive and pilot multiple cool vehicles – cars, boats, buggies and more! With them, the game will take you along the beaches and into the sea.
  • Dots 8, Nestor Yavorskyy (available Friday 12th June): Dots 8 is an abstract strategy game, played by two or more people. The game is superficially similar to Go, in that the goal is to “capture” enemy dots by surrounding them with a continuous line of one’s own dots. Once an area containing enemy dots is surrounded, that area ceases to be playable.
  • Drag Sim 2020, OviLex Soft: Drag Sim 2020 is the latest race simulator that will immerse you in the drag racing world! Enjoy driving over 70 spectacular cars, get under the hood with performance upgrades, customize your vehicle’s paint, wheels and calipers, create unique racing machines!
  • Edna & Harvey: The Breakout Anniversary Edition, Daedalic Entertainment (available Wednesday 17th June): For Edna & Harvey: The Breakout Anniversary Edition, Daedalic’s classic has been redrawn and received a complete overhaul: high-resolution visuals, new technology, intuitive controls – it’s a truly insane adventure. Experience this quirky cult classic with Edna & Harvey anew, but better than ever before – or discover this gem for the first time!
  • Evan’s Remains, Whitethorn Digital: Evan’s Remains is a mystery-thriller puzzle adventure game about finding a missing boy: Evan. The game combines logic-based platform puzzles with a visual-novel style narrative inspired by Japanese graphic adventure games.
  • Glass Masquerade Double Pack, Digerati: This bundle contains Glass Masquerade and Glass Masquerade 2: Illusions – beautifully artistic and calmly challenging puzzle games from developer Onyx Lute. Enjoy these two highly acclaimed games as you piece together over 50 intricately designed jigsaws at your own relaxed pace.
  • HALF DEAD, Room710Games (available Friday 12th June): HALF DEAD is a multiplayer sci-fi game about a violent TV show. The players’ goal is to survive in a network of rooms full of traps.
  • House Flipper, Ultimate Games (available Friday 12th June): In House Flipper you play as an investor, who buys houses in need of renovation. After making the purchase you have to restore the flat to a perfect state!
  • I dream of you and ice cream, Manolidis Aimilios Nikolaos (available Wednesday 17th June): A sinister creature has enslaved mankind. Solve puzzles, gather components for a machine you are building, find comfort in your dreams.
  • Lost Horizon 2, Koch Media: How far would a father go to save his daughter’s life? If his name is Fenton Paddock, very far: when the British Army scout learns of the kidnapping of his daughter Gwen during a mission at the Suez Canal in 1956, he and Nazi hunter Anna embark on a dangerous mission far beyond the Iron Curtain.
  • Magazine Mogul, Kairosoft: Take charge of your own magazine! It’s up to you to turn heads and help your community grow through the power of the press! It all starts with compelling coverage. Brainstorm story ideas and angles with your editorial team, then deploy staff to put those ideas into print. Hit the streets for info and you just might snag the hottest scoop of the year!
  • Pew Paw, Drageus Games (available Friday 12th June): You and your dog are the lone survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Keep it that way! Luckily, you have a third teammate: an old machine gun that you can upgrade for more twin-stick shooting frenzy!
  • Pity Pit, eastasiasoft: Procedural 2D platforming goes vertical as you dig, mine, craft and bomb your way downward! Take the role of Oratio, a Dwarf who enjoys hanging around the mines with his dear wife, until a demon spawns from a nearby pit and carries her away! Now it’s a race through the mines to get her back. Can you save Gwendoline from the Devil Johnson?
  • Pop the Bubbles, Digital Game Group: Blast and pop through levels of fun in this bubble shooter puzzle game! Match three or more bubbles and blast your way through each puzzle to rescue baby mermaids! 
  • Project Warlock, Crunching Koalas: One man and his guns. Become a mysterious Warlock who embarks onto a dangerous mission to eradicate all evil. Put your finger on the trigger and travel through time and space to wreak havoc like in the golden days of fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping first-person shooters, hooking you for hours of super fun carnage. Let’s rock and roll!
  • Remnants of Naezith, Tolga Ay: With the powers granted to him by the dragon, Kayra will destroy the remnants. Rush and swing through levels to top the leaderboards in this fast-paced, grappling hook platformer.
  • Rigid Force Redux, Headup: Rigid Force Redux breathes new life into the classic side-scrolling shooter genre with its lovingly hand-crafted 3D models, stunning environments, detailed effects and an electrifying Synthwave soundtrack.
  • Rogue Robots, Rust0 Games (available Friday 12th June): Your mission is to defeat the cops gone mad in this action-packed rogue-lite by destroying swarms of humans. Beware, their mission is to destroy humanity.
  • Spacejacked, Ratalaika Games (available Friday 12th June): Spacejacked is a super fast-paced arcade tower-defense. Play as Dave, a lone technician tasked with protecting his spaceship from being overrun by aliens while it prepares to warp into hyperspace.
  • Summer in Mara, Chibig Studio (available Tuesday 16th June): Take care of your own island and explore the ocean in this farming adventure. Summer in Mara mixes farming, crafting and exploring mechanics in a tropical archipelago with a colorful style and a strong narrative. Play as Koa, a little adventurer girl who must explore the world and discover the secrets that the ocean keeps.
  • Super Toy Cars 2, Eclipse Games (available Friday 12th June): In Super Toy Cars 2 you will race cool toy cars, alone or with friends, across crazy tabletop tracks made of everyday objects that take on a new dimension. In this world a sausage is the size of a bus, a burger is the size of a small swimming pool and you may encounter dangerous toy scissors cutting their way through the middle of the track.
  • Warborn, PQube (available Friday 12th June): Rise up and deploy for battle in the Variable Armour, a technologically advanced suit of war. As the political climate between factions is thrown out of balance and the solar system is engulfed in conflict, lead your strike force of deadly mecha towards victory in turn-based tactical combat.

Nintendo 3DS Games

  • CITY SKATERS: RUN BOY, RUN GIRL!, Denvzla Estudio: CITY SKATERS: RUN BOY, RUN GIRL! is a platform game in which we will have to flee from the police through a dangerous train station through which trains continuously pass at full speed. An endless runner with a colorful visual style where the game will end when we collide and the agent of the law catches us.

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