Nintendo eShop Prices Increase In South Africa And Russia

Nintendo eShop Discover Screenshot

Nintendo of Europe has announced that the pricing of games on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch will increase this week.

That change is specific to the South African and Russian markets, and, at midnight on Monday 21st January, will see the company charge more for games that are published by Nintendo.

“Please note that the Nintendo eShop prices of games published by Nintendo will increase from midnight on January 21st 2019,” Nintendo of Europe explained in a Nintendo Switch News Channel post.

“Matters like pricing are constantly under review at Nintendo of Europe GmbH and these price adjustments for the South African market are being made to reflect the market conditions in South Africa.”

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  1. I’ve heard due to influx of foreigner buyers, they are forced to increase both regions’ pricing. Although I wonder if that’s the real reason or maybe the region’s operations cost increased to parallel the revenue.

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