Nintendo eShop Down With Error Code 2813-0002

Nintendo eShop Logo

The Nintendo eShop is down once again, with Nintendo acknowledging that they are “experiencing difficulties” with their network services.

Looking to reassure Nintendo Switch owners that they are working to address the underlying issue that has caused the outage, the Nintendo eShop has been suspended so that the company can perform “emergency server maintenance.”

Nintendo had first identified that there was an issue at 9.30pm BST on Saturday 4th June 2022, and, several hours later, it still remains unresolved.

In the meantime, it is likely that you will encounter either error code 2137-7504 or 2137-8028 when attempting to play downloadable software, or error code 2813-0002 when trying to access the Nintendo eShop.

These are standard codes that can be displayed, and simply indicate that there is a current outage that is being investigated and that you should come back later to try to use the online services again.

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