Nintendo Download list: September 1st (North America)

house season 6

Nintendo of America have detailed the latest additions to their WiiWare, Nintendo DSiWare, Nintendo eShop and Nintendo Video services, bringing a wealth of new content available to download. The latest content is as follows:

* Trenches Generals, Fishing Cactus – 700 Wii Points
Command Royal British Expeditionary Forces as the defender of the free world. Your troops must take to the field to defend your bunker and use trenches located on the battlefield to hold their ground.

Nintendo eShop
* PAC-MAN, Namco Bandai – $3.99
PAC-MAN has arrived on the Nintendo 3DS system. Navigate through mazes and eat Power Dots while simultaneously avoiding the Ghosts. See how many mazes you can clear before losing all your lives.

* Nintendo 3DS Ambassador NES Games – Free
It’s the day Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors have been waiting for! Find out how to download your 10 free NES Virtual Console games.

Nintendo DSiWare
* House M.D. Episode 2 – Blue Meanie, Legacy Interactive, $7.99 (Nintendo 3DS) 800 Nintendo DSi Points (Nintendo DSi)
When an abrasive chef’s body turns blue, you must join Dr. Gregory House and his team to track down the correct diagnosis by interviewing and examining the patient, running lab tests and even performing surgery.

* GO Series Fishing Resort, Gamebridge – $1.99 (Nintendo 3DS) 200 Nintendo DSi Points (Nintendo DSi)
Use the Stylus to feel every bite, tug and pull in this anime fishing game. GO Series presents Fishing Resort from Mechanic Arms. Feel the swing of the fishing rod as you cast, the tension in the line as you reel in the fish and its weight as you catch it with the net.

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