Nintendo Download list: June 7th (Europe)

heroes of ruin

Nintendo of Europe have announced the latest content to be made available through the Nintendo DSi Shop and Nintendo eShop.

The full list of content is as follows:

Nintendo 3DS Demo
* Heroes of Ruin Demo, Square Enix – Free
In Heroes of Ruin, you can even create your own deadly mercenary, customised to battle foes as you see fit. Rewards abound for mercenaries who are prepared to take on the new daily challenges.

3DS Download Software
* 3D Solitaire, Zen Studios – £2.70/€3
Enjoy the classic gameplay of solitaire, but also explore a whole new range of modes of play and player rewards.

Virtual Console (Nintendo 3DS)
* Tumble Pop, G-mode – £2.70/€3
Enjoy plenty of new ghost-busting opportunities in this cult classic action-platformer, where you can tumble and pop across eight worlds in the single player game and even make you own levels in Construction Mode.

Nintendo DSiWare
* Devil Band – Rock the Underworld, CIRCLE Ent. – £4.50/€5 (Nintendo 3DS) 500 Nintendo DSi Points (Nintendo DSi)
In your quest to become the most evil force in the universe, you have to defeat waves of monstrous foes. Each stage they become stronger so you will need a legion of fans, the funds to buy ear-shattering music equipment and all the fanatic energy you can summon.

Nintendo Video
* Shaun the Sheep 3D “Beware! Sheep Crossing”, Aardman Animations – Free
In the fourteenth clip titled, Beware! Sheep Crossing, the Flock decide to teach an impatient driver a lesson when they disturb the Flock’s peace and quiet.

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