Nintendo Download list: January 10th (North America)

Nintendo of America have unveiled the latest additions to their WiiWare, Nintendo DSiWare and Virtual Console online services, bringing a wealth of new titles.

Highlights include JellyCar 2 from Disney Interactive Studios on WiiWare, and Capcom classic GHOSTS ‘N GOBLINS hitting Virtual Console.

The full list of content is as follows:

* JellyCar 2, Disney Interactive Studios – 500 Wii Points
* Soccer Bashi, Icon Games Entertainment – 500 Wii Points

WiiWare Demos
* Art of Balance, Shin’en Multimedia – Free

Virtual Console
* GHOSTS ‘N GOBLINS, Capcom – 800 Wii Points
* EXED EXES™, Capcom – 800 Wii Points

Nintendo DSiWare
* Petz Catz Family, Ubisoft – 800 Nintendo DSi Points
* Surfacer+, Lexis Numerique – 500 Nintendo DSi Points
* EJ Puzzles: Hooked, Electron Jump – 500 Nintendo DSi Points

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