Nintendo Download list: 13th March 2014 (North America)

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North America’s Nintendo Download list is once again in, delivering plenty of content across Wii U and 3DS.

Yoshi’s New Island bursts in, seeing players go on an adventure to rescue Baby Luigi after Magikoopa Kamek kidnaps him, whereas Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels finally joins Wii U’s Virtual Console service arriving some weeks after it bounded onto the European Nintendo eShop.

The incomparable SteamWorld Dig is also available at discount, as well as Zen Studio’s mighty pinball output.

The full list is as follows:

Special Offers (3DS)
* SteamWorld Dig, Image & Form – The acclaimed SteamWorld Dig is 50 percent off in the Nintendo eShop, lasting until 9am PT on March 16th.
* Sale by Zen Studios – Zen Pinball 3D, Marvel Pinball 3D and Star Wars Pinball are 50 percent off in the Nintendo eShop, starting at 9am on March 17th and lasting until 9am PT on March 31st.

Virtual Console (Wii U)
* Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Nintendo – TBC
Mario fans will appreciate the familiar look and feel of Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels – originally released in Japan as Super Mario Bros. 2 – while finding that its updated game play creates a new challenge. In addition to the classic enemies already known to fans worldwide, there are also Poison Mushrooms, backward Warp Zones and the occasional wind gust (which can help or hinder your progress).

Wii U Add-on Content
* CastleStorm: The Warrior Queen expansion, Zen Studios – TBC

Virtual Console (3DS)
* Galaga, Namco Bandai – $4.99
Move right and left to defend against missiles and alien attacks in this classic shooter. Aliens attack in formations using a variety of attack patterns. You can even rescue a captured fighter and combine with it to form a Dual Fighter with twice the firepower.

3DS Demo
WAKEDAS is a contemplative and thoughtful shape shifting puzzle game with the perfect combination of eye-candy visuals and serene sounds. Radiant multicolored tiles rests on an infinite loop; aim of the game is to group same colored blocks together by simply dragging your finger across the screen.

3DS Download Software
* Bubble Pop World, Cypronia – $4.99
Bubble Pop World is a 3D match-three game in which you pop bubbles with the same colors. It is based on Augmented Reality technology, so the Nintendo 3DS AR Card is required. There are 120 puzzle and arcade levels to enjoy, or you can edit more of your own levels and share them with friends via QR Codes. In Arcade Mode you also travel around the world to discover undersea minigames.

* Cube Tactics, Teyon – $4.99
Fierce enemies roam the land of cubes, protecting their core and bringing their opponents to mercy. Begin your training with Sir Knight as you take to becoming a Cube Master to tackle these lethal enemies in this strategic and tactical war-game with cubes.

* Lola’s ABC Party, BeiZ – $3.99
Learning the alphabet is fun on Lola’s ABC Party! This educational game teaches the alphabet to children while they are having fun! Throwing a party is something that every kid enjoys, and Lola Panda™ offers kids lots of tasks to choose from. It begins with simple word recognition, and graduates to more challenging tasks when the child is ready. This game encourages the learning progress by rewarding children with fun surprises when they achieve success, which engages them in the learning process. Children can decorate the party venue with balloons, or make party foods, and in the end, party with Lola and her friends! The fun they’re having motivates them to continue, and to learn even more!

* Madagascar 3 & The Croods Prehistoric Party Combo Pack, D3Publisher – $29.95
In the Madagascar 3 & The Croods Prehistoric Party Combo Pack players of all ages will get to travel, adventure and explore in the exciting and worldly European locations of Madagascar 3! They’ll also get the ultimate fun of a family party game with Croods-style action as they journey through 30 unique and addictive mini-games.

* Yoshi’s New Island, Nintendo – TBC
Yoshi is back and he’s bustin’ out the big eggs. Crush your surroundings and create paths with his new Mega and Metal Eggdozers in a new platforming adventure. It’ll take more than egg tosses and flutter jumps to lead Yoshi and Baby Mario through a dangerous new island littered with inventive power-ups. Can you help save Baby Luigi? Yoshi’s New Island will be available at midnight on March 14th.

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