Nintendo dominate 2011 European sales chart

new super mario bros wii

Whilst it has been a year of disappointing hardware sales, Nintendo can claim victory in securing strong software figures.

This is due to the fact that, throughout the first nine months of 2011, half of the 20 best-selling games released across Europe were published on Nintendo consoles. Not only that, this also encompasses seven titles within the top ten.

Unsurprisingly it was the Wii and DS that led the charge, with the highest ranking game being Wii Sports Resort which fell into second place below FIFA 12 on PS3.

Other titles included Pokémon Black and White, Wii Party, Wii Fit Plus, Mario Kart Wii, New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros DS, alongside third-party offerings Zumba Fitness and Just Dance 2.

[Thanks Gamasutra]

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