Nintendo Dethroned In Metacritic 2015 Game Publisher Rankings

devils third review banner

Nintendo has taken a regrettable tumble in Metacritic’s 6th Annual Game Publisher Rankings, seeing the company disappointingly place sixth after securing the top spot the year before.

While acknowledged for releasing “more unique titles than any other publisher,” several games were with a negative reaction by critics with Devil’s Third to be forever remembered as their worst overall release.

“It wasn’t a good year for the Nintendo brand,” Metacritic features editor Jason Dietz writes. “A year after finishing first in our rankings, Nintendo saw its average Metascore decline by nearly five points and its percentage of games receiving positive reviews fall from 56% to just 41%.

“The company once again released more unique titles than any other publisher, but too few of them connected with critics. The duds seemed to be spread fairly evenly among Nintendo’s two platforms, with its Wii U titles averaging 71.3 and its 3DS games averaging 71.9.”

It was SEGA that surprisingly ranked highest, with Nintendo beating out competition from Electronic Arts, Bandai Namco Entertainment and Ubisoft who similarly fell down the rankings.

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