Nintendo detail Kirby Triple Deluxe’s new abilities and multiplayer modes


Nintendo’s cutesy pink puff ball is preparing for his 3DS debut, today’s Nintendo Direct seeing company president Satoru Iwata treating us to new details.

Exploiting the stereoscopic 3D effect of the handheld, players will move from front to back in an effort to dodge incoming enemy attacks and solve puzzles. Kirby can also employ use a new Hypernova ability, which is a temporarily powered-up version of his normal inhale ability. You can enjoy using 20 different types of copy abilities, four of which are new introductions for Kirby Triple Deluxe, such as Beetle Kirby and Big Bang Kirby.

Meanwhile, two multiplayer modes have been announced: Kirby Fighters, which lets up to four players pick one of 10 copy abilities and battle one another, and the rhythm-based Dedede’s Drum Dash, which sees you tasked with pressing buttons in sync with well-loved Kirby tracks.

Kirby Triple Deluxe will release for Nintendo 3DS in 2014.

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