Nintendo delivers paid DLC to StreetPass Mii Plaza


Alongside a Nintendo 3DS system update today, StreetPass Mii Plaza has been expanded with four additional games, each available as paid downloadable content for the application.

Side-scrolling shoot ’em up StreetPass Squad, developed by Good-Feel, places you amid an elite group of space police tasked with preventing the Gold Bone Gang from taking over StreetPass Galaxy. Piloting a fighter ship with your Mii, every StreetPass encounter powers up the 12 weapons at your disposal per game with Miis also acting as lives.

Meanwhile, Grezzo’s StreetPass Garden, sees you move into a new house in Leafington, at which you hope to fulfil your dreams of becoming a master gardener. With Miis that visit your garden watering your chosen plant as they pass to aid its growth.

Next up is Spike Chunsoft’s StreetPass Battle, a world domination strategy-title where the player rules a war-torn land. Enlisting the aid of your butler Wentworth, you seek to build an army of Miis to challenge rival generals. The number of soldiers gained from any StreetPass is equivalent to their Plaza population, with larger armies obviously making it easier to win.

If the own StreetPass Battle you can also fight against them too, with gameplay requiring players to set up strategic formations, predict enemy movements, and fortify your castle.

Lastly there’s StreetPass Mansion by Prope, where you’re a detective investigating paranormal activity within an old manor, accompanied by young assistant Ella Mentree (get it?).

Monsters, ghosts and an assortment of other foe will attempt to thwart your navigation toward the top floor, scattered weapons and a power up aiding your progress. Anyone met through StreetPass provides new map pieces, that can be placed on the manion floor to determine you path through the manor.

Each of these four games will set you back £4.49 (€4.99) individually, or may be purchased as a bundle for £13.49 (€14.99).

[Thanks Pocket Gamer]

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