Nintendo deal crushing blow to Flashcarts


Whilst the latest Nintendo 3DS system update once again granted “improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments,” it was hiding a much more significant role.

On the surface it looked relatively unimportant, yet version 4.4.0-10U has blocked almost all Flashcarts – a long-term cause of woe for Nintendo.

This first emerged from SuperCard, a manufacturer of the devices, who stated that Nintendo’s newly introduced anti-piracy measures mean that Flashcart manufacturers can no longer simply update their own software to bypass the handheld’s security as done previously.

New flashcarts would have to be created to do so, yet this will take time and Nintendo may issue another system update by then that would once again change the rules.

Nintendo’s anti-piracy efforts have so far proved a success with Nintendo 3DS, which remains yet to be hacked. Unlike PlayStation Vita…

[Thanks Tiny Cartridge]

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