Nintendo Creators Program now available in Canada and South America


The Nintendo Creators Program‘s beta version continues to roll out to other countries, having now become available to those in Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Panama, and Peru.

The program, launched in January, allows those that join to receive part of any advertising proceeds earned for creating any videos shared through YouTube that feature the company’s games. However, this is only applicable to games within their whitelist, and relies on users having a Google and PayPal account – payments being sent two months after monthly views have been tallied.

Nintendo were apparently overwhelmed by submissions, although the program draw significant criticism from prominent YouTube star PewDiePie who wrote: “If I played a Nintendo game on my channel. Most likely most of the views / ad revenue would come from the fact that my viewers are subscribed to me. Not necessarily because they want to watch a Nintendo game in particular.”

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