Nintendo clarify stance following ‘Pokémon Say Tap?’ iOS/ Android announcement


The Pokémon Company this week announced plans to release ‘Pokémon Say Tap?’ on iOS and Android devices. This marks the first occasion in which a Pokémon title has appeared on a non-Nintendo platform, and it seems the publisher is keen to explain the reasons why.

Yasuhiro Minagawa, Nintendo of Japan’s PR head, has emphasised that The Pokémon Company is separate to Nintendo and therefore made its own decision to release a title for smartphones. In regards to Nintendo performing a similar maneuver, Minagawa stated “there is no change, and no plans for a change in the future.”

Within Japan, Pokémon games are released through The Pokémon Company, a business of which Nintendo owns a 32% stake, has a partial ownership of the Pokémon trademark and also acts as a distributor for the series’ games.

[Thanks, Bloomberg via Andriasang]

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