Nintendo and DeNA “making announcement plans” for first mobile game


DeNA announced their financial results for the first fiscal quarter last week, in which they reported quarterly revenue of 37.7 billion yen (£194.86 million) and operating profit of 4 billion yen (£20.67 million).

Their success in the quarter was spurred by Final Fantasy: Record Keeper and Sentama, an original simulation RPG that the company launched in Japan back in May. It was Japan that primarily drove their revenue, with coin consumption at 34.6 billion yen (£178.82 million) in comparison to the international market at 5.9 billion yen (£30.49 million).

Looking to the future, DeNA refer to their partnership with Nintendo as “progressing as planned.” This has seen the companies collaborate on Nintendo’s first game app as well as a new membership service, both of which they are “currently making announcement plans.”

“Both revenue and operating profit reached our original guidance in the first quarter, and we made significant progress towards our medium- to long-term goals,” commented DeNA president and CEO Isao Moriyasu. “We are well-positioned to leverage our proven strengths in game operation and IP, and deliver exciting new mobile games across regions.”

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