Nintendo 3DS worldwide update due “Late May,” includes eShop, Internet Browser

Nintendo have confirmed that they are to release a firmware update for the Nintendo 3DS in “late May” worldwide, that will include the eShop, internet browser and functionality that will allow you to transfer previously purchased DSiWare games to the handheld system.

It was Reggie Fils-Aime, President and CEO for Nintendo of America, who announced the news at Satoru Iwata’s keynote speech for GDC ’11.

The eShop will provide Virtual Console, 3D Classics and DSiWare download services, giving access to classic games from across Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Gear and TurboGrafx-16 systems.

Fils-Aime commented his belief that the eShop offers an “unparalleled ability to promote your work,” which he deemed “I think that spells win-win for everyone.”

In addition, he also revealed that the Nintendo 3DS will receive an update that will allow the handheld to utilise its cameras to record 3D video. “The promise is great,” he commented. “It could mean a birthday party, a family vacation or your night on the town, with you as your own producer, director, operating in 3D.”

There is still no date cemented for when in May the update is due to be released, however, and whether 3D video capture will be a part of it.

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  1. Can’t wait for this update! Hurry up 😛

    • I cant wait either!!

  2. hi there just keep a eye on the led notification light when you get a blue led notification thats up date

    • Ok!

  3. I cant wait!! I have been checking my 3DS every day to see if the had come!!

  4. Hurry up internet browser Im waiting for it everyday so nintendo don’t delay it because it always happens!!!


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