Nintendo 3DS achieves 3.61 million unit sales since launch, software hits 9.43 million

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It’s been two months since the Nintendo 3DS first launched in Japan, and a mere month since the handheld system released across North America and Europe, yet Nintendo’s latest device has managed to achieve a worldwide unit sale figure of 3.61 million units.

Sales across Japan have racked up 1.06 million units, with North America currently riding high on 1.32 million and lastly Europe’s figure, which also includes all other worldwide regions, has achieved 1.23 million.

Further to this Nintendo also confirmed software sales, which have achieved 9.43 million units worldwide. This breaks down to 2.18 million in Japan, 3.94 million across North America, and 3.31 million in Europe and other regions.

It’s certainly an impressive start for Nintendo’s latest handheld system, with the company forecasting to sell a further 16 million systems over the next year, coupled by software sales of 62 million units.

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