Ninjala Story Mode Rewards You With Exclusive Costumes And Accessories

Ninjala Story Mode Screenshot

GungHo Online Entertainment has released Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter One, single-player content for the free-to-play battle royale game that can be played offline.

This presents the chance for you to unlock exclusive costumes and accessories as rewards that you can’t obtain anywhere else. The first pack is available at half-price – discounted down to £3.59, rather than the usual £7.99.

Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter One is Van’s Tale and challenges you to defeat the space ninja. When the ninja-in-training witnesses a kidnapping incident, he is convinced that it was the dastardly space ninja is behind it. His master tasks him with rescuing the missing children and returning peace to the city.

With the story told through dynamic graphic novel-style cut scenes and action sequences, you will be challenged to track down the sinister space ninja – with missions leading up to a battle against a giant robot in the final stage.

Once you complete Ninjala Story Pack: Chapter One, you will be rewarded with the Space Ninja Mask, Sparkling Space Ninja, Utsusemi Loco Soda, Loco Soda Cap, Loca Soda Backpack and Crazy Soda Rampage,

Ninjala is now available as a free download exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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