Ninjala Characters: Which Modern-Day Ninja Should You Choose

Ninjala Characters Screenshot

When you start playing Ninjala, your first decision will be to choose which candy-coloured character you want to battle it out as in the tournament.

There are eight modern-day ninjas to select from, with the game clearly stating from the outset that your character’s appearance will have no effect on your performance in battle.

With no impact coming as a consequence of your choice, you can simply choose whichever character you like the look of. For me, that was the “hot-blooded” Kappei.

Once selected, three further customisation options will let you change the colour of your character’s hair, skin and eyes, before you hit the “Lookin’ Good!” button and are thrown into Ninjala’s opening tutorial.

Berecca Ninjala Screenshot


That cheerful, mischievous expression is cute. A balance of a child’s playfulness and an adult’s maturity. A gently and popular person you can rely on.

Burton Ninjala Screenshot


Looks calm and gentle on the outside, but is bold enough to risk danger in the name of intellectual curiosity.

Emma Ninjala Screenshot


A girl with sharp facial features and a distinctly childlike aura. Full of hope, confidence and passion to pursue her dreams.

Jane Ninjala Screenshot


Appears indifferent at a glance, but is quick to take action when needed. Always stays true to her own heart. Mature, refined fashions suit her well.

Kappei Ninjala Screenshot


A hot-blooded boy with an innocent, carefree attitude. He’ll take on any foe to protect those he cares about, and has the strength to push on for his beliefs.

Lucy Ninjala Screenshot


An eccentirc girl with no fear. You never know what she’s thinking. Nobody knows the full extent of the powers within her.

Ron Ninjala Screenshot


Has a mysterious aura that you rarely see from a child. Has a strong will and stays cool and collected in any situation.

Van Ninjala Screenshot


An energetic young boy fit to be the hero of a kids’ manga. He hates losing, and always wants to stand out from the crowd. Playing or battling, he always gives it his all.

Ninjala is now available as a free download exclusively on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide.

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