Nikkei: Nintendo Ceasing Wii U Production In 2016


With mystery continuing to shroud Nintendo NX, Japan’s Nikkei is reporting that Nintendo will cease production of Wii U consoles at the end of this year.

With expectation that their “dedicated game platform” will be announced in the coming months, that won’t come as a surprise. The Wii U, which has sold more than 12.6 million units worldwide, looks to be forever remembered as the worst-performing console in the company’s history, after their asynchronous multiplayer ambition that drove the Wii U GamePad concept failed to spark consumer interest.

That isn’t reflected by the success that first-party software has been met with, with Mario Kart 8, New Super Mario Bros. U, Super Mario 3D World, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Splatoon and Super Mario Maker, all enjoying particularly high attach rates to those that purchased the console.

What Nikkei’s short and snappy report omits, is any whispers that they may have learned about when Nintendo NX will launch. They only mention that it will be revealed this year, as Nintendo themselves have already promised.

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