Niantic Investigating Pokémon GO Plus Issue On iOS 11


Niantic has acknowledged an issue with Pokémon GO Plus on Apple devices that have been upgraded to iOS 11 after the newest mobile operating system was released earlier this week.

With the developer now working hard to investigate how it can swiftly be resolved, the issue sees the accessory not register a button press until after the LED indicator light has flashed three times. In the meantime, just make sure that you don’t become too trigger happy with it.

“We are aware of an issue with the Pokémon GO Plus on Apple devices upgraded to iOS 11,” Niantic explains. “As a result of this issue, the Pokémon GO Plus accessory does not register a button press until after the LED indicator light has flashed three times. We are working to resolve this problem.”

Pokémon GO was recently updated to version 1.45.0, introducing improved search functionality on the Pokémon Collection screen and resolving bugs that saw Pikachu hats and icons in the Pokédex disappear.

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  1. Three things:

    1) Given multiple people reported this to them during iOS 11 beta, months ago, one wonders why they are only just now looking into this.

    2) the user experience is rather worse than is described above. There seems to be significant lag all around in the communications between the Plus and your iPhone under iOS 11. There appears to be delay between then the phone puts the plus icon above a pokemon or pokestop and the Plus begins to vibrate. As described button presses do not register until after third buzz, but even then pressing the button does NOT stop the buzzing, which usually continues three more times. There is significant lag between the button press and the white buzzes when catching a pokemon. Likewise significant lag between a click for a pokestop and when it is actually spun.

    This is bad enough that unless you are walking at a very slow walk, you will walk outside the range of a stop before the thing gets spun, or will walk outside the range of a cluster of pokemon before it finishes trying to catch the first one. If you are moving any faster, such as riding a bike, running/jogging, or even a brisk walk, you can pretty much give up on the thing being useful at all other than catching the occasional single pokemon.

    3) given reports on various threads that un-official Plus ‘work-alikes’ such as the Go Thca bracelet (a repurposed/reprogrammed fitbit one) are said to NOT experience the lag, it is entirely possible this issue is related to the bluetooth radio handshaking etc between the plus and the phone. If the issue was with the Niantic software, then you would expect any bluetooth device to be affected in the same way. If some devices work and others do not, then it points to an interaction between the Plus and the Phone, meaning there may be absolutely zero that can be done in the game software to fix this. Apple may have made changes to how bluetooth works (perhaps to patch a vulnerability) which affects some BT radios and not others. If that is the case, then there is really no hope for a fix short of some hardware or firmware upgrade to the Plus (which as far as I know has no provision for a firmware upgrade).. meaning that it’s actually nintendo that could be on the hook for this since they make the hardware..

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