New WorldEnd Syndrome Trailer Introduces The Romantic Visual Novel’s High School Girls

WorldEnd Syndrome Saya Kamishiro Screenshot

PQube and Arc System Works have released a new trailer for WorldEnd Syndrome, introducing the high school girls that star in the romantic mystery visual novel.

Those characters are the cheerful and lively Maimi Kusunose, the mysterious and quiet Miu Amana, the dignified and classy Saya Kamishiro, the shy and unlucky Hanako Yamada, the optimistic Yukino Otonashi, and idol group star Rei Nikaido.

With BlazBlue lead artist Yuki Kato behind their character designs, you must work to resolve inexplicable incidents around town and collect clues to uncover what happened to a missing high school girl whose body is found in a river.

To do so, you will freely explore the picturesque seaside town during morning, afternoon, or evening for the chance to meet different characters.

WorldEnd Syndrome will release at retail and on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Europe on June 14th.

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