New Trüberbrook Trailer Undergoes An Interrogation

Trüberbrook Screenshot

Headup Games and btf have released a new interrogation trailer for Trüberbrook, their mystery adventure game that’s set in rural Germany in the late 1960s.

You play as Hans Tannhauser, a young American physicist who wins the lottery and a free trip to Trüberbrook, a sleepy, remote village in the densely forested countryside of West Germany.

While working on his PhD thesis, he comes here with the hope to crack a tiresome mental block. But, a few days after your arrival, you find yourself in the hands of a mad scientist.

“The past few weeks a lot has happened in our little Trüberbrook,” Headup Games explains. “Most of the villagers have been given their voices, all the houses, squares and secret science labs have been built and the team is about to go on a great journey…

“To give you an impression what the game looks and feels like, we have assembled our new Interrogation Trailer. For this, we have only used hand-picked and unaltered in-game material. Have fun watching! We hope you like it!”

Trüberbrook will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in 2018.

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