New This Is The Police 2 Trailer Introduces Turn-Based Combat

This Is The Police 2 Screenshot

THQ Nordic and Weappy Studio have revealed that This Is The Police 2 will introduce a new turn-based combat system, for difficult and dangerous situations where it is best to take your cops under direct control.

Your finest police officers will need to take up advantageous positions, and, as always, they are supposed to work out a way to arrest suspects rather than kill them.

That will require that you carefully study the terrain, constantly adapt your plans, stealthily approach your subjects, and put non-lethal weapons and equipment to use.

That isn’t to say that gunfights are always avoidable, but, as the game doesn’t use hit points, a single bullet could cost one of your police officer’s their life.

This Is The Police 2 will release for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2018.

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