New Super Mario Bros. 2 receives final Coin Rush course packs

new super mario bros 2

Nintendo have released two Coin Rush course packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2, bringing their downloadable content support for the Nintendo 3DS game to an end.

The Mystery Adventure Pack brings three courses that will challenge players to search for different paths as they make their way to the goal. Course 1 sees you explore the underground routes, whereas Course 2 tasks you with riding flying blocks as you collect coins, and in Course 3 you must use objects placed throughout the level to find your way to the end.

The Impossible Pack, as its name suggests, will provide a stern challenge for even the most hardened of Mario players. There isn’t a single power up or coin throughout each course, with coins awarded by completing them in the fastest time.

You may purchase each pack by accessing the Shop menu in the Coin Rush mode menu on New Super Mario Bros. 2, and may catch each Coin Rush course pack in action below:

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