New Super Crush KO Trailer Is Packed With Robot-Punching Action

Super Crush KO Cutscene Screenshot

Vertex Pop has released a new trailer for Super Crush KO, their kinetic, fast-paced brawler that’s coming to Nintendo Switch.

Set in a vibrant, near-future city, you play as a neon jacket-wearing, robot-punching, stylish-as-heck hero who must save humanity from an AI apocalypse (and your kidnapped kitten at the same time).

The developer has looked to seamlessly blend a close-quarters brawler with the long-range shooter – challenging players to launch enemies into the air to then blast them out of the sky.

With online leaderboards and ranking systems, the experience promises to keep you coming back in an effort to S-Rank every level.

Super Crush KO will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2019.

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