New SNES game set for 2013 release

Nightmare Busters

Who’d have thought that 22 years after it first released, there’d still be a developer prepared to pump out a game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)?

Well that’s exactly the case here, with retro publisher and developer Super Fighter Team confirming that work is currently underway on ‘Nightmare Busters’, due to release in 2013 and the first SNES game to hit North America since 1998.

Whilst details remain light, Super Fighter Team describe the game as a ‘run and gun’ title that is recommended for enthusiasts.

An initial run of 600 copies of Nightmare Busters will be available, and pre-orders are now open to be placed. However, production costs have meant that the game will be priced at $68 to those within North America and $75 for international orders. This will net you a copy of Nightmare Busters which supports both PAL and NTSC systems, a full colour instruction manual, and a full colour cardstock box to house everything within.

Head on over to the game’s official website for more information.

[Thanks Nintendo Life]

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