New Root Letter: Last Answer Trailer Shows Interactive Gameplay Elements

Root Letter: Last Answer Logo

PQube and Kadokawa Games have released a new trailer for Root Letter: Last Answer on Nintendo Switch.

This trailer showcases the interactive elements in the visual novel, such as using the map to travel across Shimane Prefecture, searching for clues and items to aid your investigation, or confronting characters in interrogation scenes to uncover the truth.

Root Letter: Last Answer is a best-selling visual novel with a gripping investigation story. 15 years have passed since your last correspondence with your pen friend Aya Fumino.

You have since moved on with your life, but a confession of murder left in her last letter has surfaced.

That leads you to travel to Aya’s hometown to discover what happened to her, hoping that her friends may know the truth even if they seem unwilling to let you delve into the past.

You must follow the clues given in Aya’s letters to track them down, using the items and information that you discover to reveal the truth.

It comes to Nintendo Switch with new epilogues that conclude the story around Aya Fumino, several UI and gameplay improvements, and a new live-action mode that turns every hand-drawn moments into reenacted scenes.

Those that pre-order the game can receive the Day One Edition, which includes a 100-page artbook with unreleased content.

Root Letter: Last Answer will release for Nintendo Switch in Europe on August 30th, and across North America on September 3rd.

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