New Pokémon detective game will partner you with Pikachu

Japanese broadcaster NHK have aired their latest episode of “The Professional” today, which had teased an appearance from The Pokémon Company CEO Tsunekaz Ishihara but also a new game in development.

This 3D Pokémon entry will be a detective game, in which the player partners up with Pikachu to tackle crime. A rare Pikachu is the game’s villain, although Ishihara admitted that he couldn’t see people liking that decision, whilst motion capture and facial recognition has been used to more accurately portray Pikachu talking.

A special Blue Pikachu will also make an appearance, but under what circumstances is unclear. Currently in development, if the project continues it is expected to release in 2015.

Also discussed was a sequel to Pokémon Trozei, the discussion sharing issues that they had to overcome in potentially bringing the game to Nintendo 3DS and that, if they were to do so, it would most likely be a download title.

[Thanks Serebii]

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