New Kirby title on the way for Nintendo DS

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Famitsu, Japan’s popular gaming magazine, has revealed a surprise for fans of Nintendo’s cuddly-pink hero Kirby this week.

Within its pages, the magazine unveils that a new Kirby game is currently in development for Nintendo DS and is due to release later this year in Japan. Titled “Atsumete! Kirby,” which roughly translates to “Gather! Kirby,” it becomes the 21st game to star the character.

As can probably be expected, Atsumete! Kirby is a side-scrolling action game that features a colourful world and cute enemies that have previously populated Kirby’s previous outings. However, the added gimmick within this latest offering is that instead of inhaling enemies and copying their abilities, you are able to control multiple Kirbies at once – up to ten of them, in fact!

These are gained by consuming fruit within each stage, and are controlled with the Nintendo DS Stylus with the touch screen – when you tap a star will appear and the Kirbies will start to walk toward it. Double-tapping will make them run, and once they have reached the star they’ll grab on to it.

Such a simplistic control scheme ensures that you are able to freely guide your Kirbies around each stage, as you neutralise enemies as a group and destroy blocks in your path.

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