New Disney worlds unveiled for Kingdom Hearts 3D

KingdomHearts3D 2

The latest issue of weekly Japanese magazine Shōnen Jump, and sister publication V Jump, have unveiled the first information regarding the Disney worlds set to feature in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

KingdomHearts3DPinocchio and The Hunchback of Notre Dame are to be the latest inspiration, the former to be known as “Pranksters’ Paradise” and will be set in the belly of a giant whale. Here, the player will see Sora and friends adventure through a fairytale land consisting of circus huts. Along the way you’ll come across both Pinocchio, whose nose will grow when he lies, and Jiminy Cricket.

Sora will encounter Frollo and the city guards within The Hunchback of Notre Dame world, which will apparently be named “La Cité des Cloches”. They’re concerned regarding the appearance of demons across the city, and artwork also shows that Esmeralda will be included within such segment.

[Thanks Andriasang]

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