NES Zapper returns in Splatoon’s free post-launch content


Prima Games‘ Official Game Guide Splatoon has shared more information on the free content that Nintendo will steadily roll out for the Wii U exclusive.

“Stay tuned to Splatoon for more incoming content, including new ink battle stages, game modes, weapons and gear,” the guide’s ‘Coming Soon!’ page reads. “Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the new features you can look forward to.”

Beyond this the page, as you can see below, presents a visual overview of what’s incoming, presenting four new stages, the Tower Control mode and nine new weapons – two of which take inspiration from the infamous NES Zapper.

It’s unclear when these will precisely become available, but at least we know that Nintendo has plentiful plans to keep us splattering to our heart’s content.

– Bluefin Depot
– Camp Triggerfish
– Kelp Dome
– Port Mackerel

Game Mode
– Tower Control

– Carbon Roller
– Custom E-Liter 3K
– E-Liter 3K Scope
– Inkbrush
– L-3 Nozzlenose
– N-Zap85
– N-Zap89
– Rapid Blaster Deco
– Splash-o-matic

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