Nano Assault blasts onto Nintendo 3DS


Nano Assault, a fast-paced shooter that features stunning 3D graphics that are described as resembling “electron microscope imagery,” is due to release later this year for Nintendo 3DS.

Currently being developed by Shin’en, players will find themselves navigating a dangerous microscopic world in a Nanite ship as you make your way through a cellular system, maneuvering through alien cell clusters, fighting off infections, and analyzing and destroying the virus’ core to ultimately save humanity.

“Nano Assault’s inspired visual style looks fantastic and is perfectly suited for 3D,” said Jesse Sutton, Chief Executive Officer, Majesco Entertainment. “The game is a fresh approach to the classic shooter, featuring a unique theme, solid depth of play and tight controls. I think this game is going to surprise a lot of people.”

You can expect to find 32 twisted cell stages and dark worlds, all complete with their own rugged landscapes that continually vary the difficulty based on the player’s skill level. You’ll employ the use of powerful beams, energetic bombs and other unlockable assault weapons as you fend off the Black Nucleus, Hyper Blobs and Spore Plants amongst others.

Brimming with content, it’ll offer a Missions mode, an unlockable arcade style cell stage where players must beat the clock by destroying the most enemies, and Hall of Fame, a bragging rights leaderboard where players can publish and compare high level scores with friends. There’ll also be StreetPass support to trade unlocked content with other players.

Nano Assault is expected to release for Nintendo 3DS by the end of the year.

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