Mysterious Pokémon teaser a “concept” for the series’ future

Pokkén Fighters
Pokkén Fighters

Echoing Nintendo’s own response to that mysterious image shown at the Pokémon Games Show, Game Freak director Junichi Masuda has dismissed it as being “kind of a concept” for the future of the series.

“Ooh, I wonder what it was… I’m not sure… [laughs],” Masuda responded to Nintendo Life‘s probing.

“That was actually a video which was shown at the Pokémon Games Show, an event in Tokyo last month and it was showing the history of Pokémon games as well as the future. It was kind of a concept about what the future of Pokémon may look like…”

Considering the wild reaction to its emergence, we certainly how that Game Freak consider making it a reality.

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