My Time At Portia Builds Relationships In New Trailer

My Time At Portia Date Screenshot

Team17 and Pathea Games have released a new trailer for My Time at Portia, showing how you can meet, befriend and romance villagers.

You will first need to get to know them first, whether that be presenting them with gifts, playing rock, paper, scissors, or taking part in festival events – such as cooking hot pots or participating in snowball fights in the Winter Solstice.

And then, when romance blossoms, you can take your date for a meal at The Round Table, to pop balloons at the shooting gallery, or even go for a sunset cruise in a hot air balloon.

If you feel a spark, then you can confess your feelings by giving your partner a heart knot – letting you go on more romantic dates, and, eventually, get married.

My Time at Portia will release on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019.

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