Murder On The Marine Express On Track For Nintendo Switch

Murder On The Marine Express Logo

Rainy Frog and 1564 Studio have confirmed a release date for their mystery visual novel Murder on the Marine Express on Nintendo Switch.

The Marine Express submarine train runs along the ocean floor from California all the way to the Japanese coast. The St. Joachim Academy for elite girls chose to book the train’s maiden voyage, sensing the perfect opportunity for its students to enjoy the underwater scenery, learn about marine biology and take a break from their regular school life.

Their otherwise idyllic journey soon becomes a nightmare when the academy’s most popular professor is found dead in his room. Ranko Togawa, accompanied by her friend Astrid, is determined to investigate the events, prove the main suspect’s innocence and work out the culprit’s true identity.

The pressure’s on, as the number of victims continues to grow and the possibility of facing a serial killer becomes more of a reality to Ranko. She will need to make the most of the time left on their journey to uncover the truth and prevent the murderer from killing yet again.

The publisher has outlined the game’s key features as below:

  • A mystery visual novel with classic locked-space whodunit development following the style of popular detective fiction.
  • A story in 5 chapters offering 3-4 hours of reading.
  • Retro-feel graphics with pixel art in the style of old text adventure games.
  • Large cast of charismatic characters with humorous dialogues.
  • Side conversations on Ranko’s phone which help to understand the situation on the train and know more about the students of St. Joachim.

Murder on the Marine Express will release digitally on the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch worldwide on 1st September 2022.

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